Thursday, May 17, 2012

More DayZ

   Well I have been keeping an eye on this mod and figured I would post some more about it as anyone who is currently playing knows it is still in the alpha stage. You play in Chernarus which is a 225 km2 map and when you first spawn on the coast keep the coast to your right to go north. If you feel like it you can always do a Google search for Charnarus map but if you do this make sure you take the name of your spawn point down so you can find your self quicker on the map. Make sure you are visiting the forums daily as updates are released frequently. Forums are another good place to try and find friendly players or maybe a group that you can regularly play with.
   Sense I last posted they changed you starting with a revolver to starting with the makarov pistol which is a 9x18 mm and from what I have seen they should bring back the revolvers as starting weapon.  I have watched several videos of people being chased by the hoard and just trying to out run them. You should actually run into a building because zombies have to walk in them and I have also seen zombies stopping and walking on bridges. While I have not played the game yet I have heard the key bindings can be daunting so I would recommend studying them before playing unless you don't mind learning as you go. If you ever need to have a blood transfusion you cannot perform it on your self so you will have to make friends with someone. Eating will restore 200 blood and eating cooked meat will restore 800 blood. Watch you're blood if it goes below 3000 you will start passing out periodically so if you are lucky at that point someone will give you a blood pack they have. Be careful moving at night as some players may have found a pair of night vision goggles. Some servers do show names of players so some times while playing you may see a name pop up even if you don't see the player. I will keep posting more info as I become more familiar with the mod.

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