Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DayZ survival

   Today I found out about an amazing mod called DayZ mod that is a modification of Arma 2 and you can download it at http://www.dayzmod.com/. This mod is a zombie survival mod that is both a fun and complex game play type. This mod required you to have ARMA 2 Arma 2: operation arrow head and if you want to have high rez character models you will also need Arma 2:PMC. When first spawning you will get the name of the location where you are but you do not start with a map or a compass. However when you first start you will have 2 baked bean cans, 1 water bottle, 1 pain killer, 2 bandages, revolver, ammo for revolver, back pack, morphine and 1 road flair.
   Because you can acquire different items throughout the time spend in game your character is saved and you can play that character on any of the servers. You need to be very careful when encountering other players and zombies because once you die your character is gone and all your items so you will have to start with a new character. You have the one road flair when you start and you can find other lights but remember that when you use lights at night they attract zombies and other players that may kill or rob you. When coming into a town you may announce your self as friendly but do this at your own discretion the other players may not be friendly. Players that have killed to many other players in game will have the ksk outfit so you may better identify them.
   In this mod you do need to eat food and drink water or you will die you can refill your water bottle and can search structures for food or you can take game but you need the correct tools to get their meat.
When you do manage to find a map and compass your position will not be shown on that map but with some work you should be able to find your location on it. This mod is set in real time based on the location of the server so depending on how much time you spend you may see the rise or set of the sun. Zombies in this mod have a heighten sense of hearing and smell so you may have to avoid them or just sneak past. A really big down point to this mod is that when you are looking at a player it dose not display their name so you wont always know who you are talking with. The mod is a alpha right now and hopefully dose not die but I do plan on dedicating some time to it as it looks really good. Right now I have not played the mod but once I get my pay check I will be purchasing Arma 2 so I can get started and I plan on posting updates about this mod.


  1. Interesting, I should get back to ArmA. There needs to be more zombie games!

  2. There are many videos of it on youtube it looks amazing but looks sort of hard to play