Monday, April 30, 2012

My Fenix lights

   Ok I have discussed a little about being prepared while heading out doors during and now I am going to talk a little about some flashlight options that you may consider. Currently I have from Fenix the tk11R2 and the ta21 and both do work well out doors. The ta21 has a mas lumens of 225 with 12 different light settings on a revolving switch. Both of the lights are impact resistant and are ipx-8 waterproof standard. The ta21 on its lowest setting of 4 lumen will last for 170 hours and on the max of 225 will last only 1.5 hours. Both of these lights run on 2 CR123 batteries or 1 18650 li-ion battery the ta21 weighs 168 grams without the batteries and the tk11 weights 120 grams without the batteries. The tkllr2 general mode of 64 lumens will run for 10 hours and the turbo mode of 240 lumens will run for 1.5 hours. The cr123 batteries can be expensive if you purchase them one at a time but if you purchase them in a bulk pack from surefire they are much cheaper or you could purchase a rechargeable  18650 li-ion. If you plan on doing some camping in the woods I would recommend packing a flashlight or two and plenty of batteries. There are plenty of different brands of flashlights and what you chose to use is up to you so make sure you do some research when purchasing a flashlight.

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