Thursday, April 5, 2012

computer heat and the summer

Well now that the temps are rising I have decided to switch to a more efficient and quiet heat sink for my 5830. During the winter months I could warm my room by leaving my stock cooler fan to auto and playing some video games for a few hours. I did a bit of looking around and found the arctic cooling accelero xtreme plus ll for a little over $80 but I figured with all the good reviews I would give it a go. My bedroom is not a big room so after playing something like crysis of BF3 for a few hours with my card temps at 66C it was very warm in my room at night in the middle of winter so I knew that my card was running hotter than I would like it to be. I am really impressed with my new cooler with temps only reaching 35C after several hours of playing BF3 and on top of that my idle temps went from a max of 40C (usually around 37C) with the stock cooler down to 24C with the aftermarket. My house is really old and the insulation in the walls is not the best so it says hot in here even with doors and windows open in the summer time. I am glad that I will not be bathing in sweat over the summer while playing my video games. If anyone decides to purchase one of these coolers you need to make sure that you buy the correct mounting brackets because they don't supply them at all. For me the only down side is when I was originally doing 2 5830's The space was so tight that the plastic cover the stock cooler was almost touching my audio card. Another issue I have is that I am not able to turn up the fan speed of the accelero but I am going to purchase a manual fan speed controller and will hopefully see a bigger drop in temps.

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