Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meditation and technique

   Alright now I want to discuss meditation a bit and give some tips for people that want to start but have no idea where to start. In my research I have been unsuccessful in finding a definitive answer to the origins of meditation. I do however know that the word meditation was derived from the latin word mediatio. Meditation is mostly credited to India and Asia but I have wondered if it hasn't had it's origins from as far back as tribes have practiced spiritual ceremonies. People use meditatino for different purposes some for spiritual purposes others just to help clear their minds.
   I have started practicing meditation in a attempt to see if it would help with my lucid dreaming and to see if it helps my concentration. There are different ways of practicing meditation sitting, laying down closed eye, open eye, looking up at your third eye, staring into a flame, mantra, and many others. I have only tried sitting closed eye and have noticed a few times that I would start to see lights after a while of meditation but I would have to be able to keep all thoughts out. Most of the time when I lay down for bed and start focusing on the area of the third eye and I can feel the energy there and many times I can see really bright lights. Some times the light gets so bright that I open my eyes expecting to see someone in my room pointing a light in my face. If you are interested in trying meditation you should try the different techniques and see what one works for you the best.
   If you are like me then you will have to start by clearing your mind and for me the one way that I have found is to eliminate stimulation. If I am watching tv or listening to music I will turn them off and then I will read a few pages of a book although this is the only thing I have tried I would recommend trying other techniques. When meditating I try to be as comfortable as possible and I will usually be siting in my under ware only with a small blanket around me if needed and a few pillows to sit on. Don't be frustrated if you are having a hard time for the first few days you just have to find the best way for you to practice it and then from there you could start other techniques if you prefer. A lot more could be said but I don't want this to be extremely long so I am going to end it here. Remember there is a lot of information on the web about meditation all you have to do is look for it.

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