Saturday, April 7, 2012

Battlefield joy and pain

  Well I have been playing allot of BF3 lately and with the new patch there has been good and bad. I do think the suppression works better but is not completely amazing. Before the patch came along I literally had no suppression ribbons. It seams that before a suppression ribbon was just another way of saying congratulations you missed allot. I have noticed times where the hit-reg dose seam to be worse than before but some of it may only be changes in the weapons. I personally thought that armor was only op when it had reactive armor or had a fully stocked crew on TDM. I would love to see tanks hp return to prepatch and have the reactive armor unable to take so many hits. While setting traps for tanks may not feel as rewarding as before any time you take out a tank out on foot still feels good. I have seen a big decrease in amount of people that are using the famas now and i believe that to be a plus. I don't know what it is but I still see a lack of people playing team based and sticking with their squads. I try as  hard as I can so help my squad mates but must the time they just run around doing their own thing. It seams to be unanimous that this could be improved by just having VoIP although the upside to no VoIP is adding more friends to your list.

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