Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lucid dreaming confusion

   Lately I have been having more lucid dreams and for the most part a elusive cause sometimes causing frustration. Some nights they just happen and other nights they will happen when I attempt doing some known inducing methods. None of my dreams have been really strange just ordinary every day life or my self but living a different life. Every time I have one of these dreams they feel so real yet I have really little control of what is going on or what I am doing. Generally I forget that I have had the dream for mostly a undetermined amount of time after I have woken up. For anyone who has never experienced a lucid dream I will explain a little to give you an idea of just how real they can be. My latest dream I really thought that I was in a training class for a job and had forgot that I was supposed to be at a interview for a different job.
   Like all my others I did not remember as soon as I woke but later was able to recall it. In my first lucid dream I lived in a different town but still was my self and I still had the same truck that I drive now. In my dream I accidentally ran over and killed my dog and when I woke up the next morning I still thought that it had happened and I actually felt really sad till I realized it was just a dream. Here is just a quick run down of things you can do to possibly induce a lucid dream. Make sure you keep a journal of your dreams and one trick to help is to keep telling your self that you will wake after every dream and then you can either record with tape or write down on paper. Look for repetition in your dreams and once you have found something try doing some sort of check something like putting one hand through the other. Once it becomes more fluid to recognize you are in a dream you should work on making sure you are able to stay in and one thing is to use all your senses so you reduce the chance of being dropped out of the dream. I my self am currently working on improving this unique skill and hope that soon I may be having frequent lucid dreams. Good luck to anyone who wishes to attempt lucid dreaming.

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  1. I've started a dream journal three days ago, but I've only had one dream the first day that I remembered, but I went back to sleep without writing and down and then I couldn't remember it afterwards. So my dream journal is empty. :(