Monday, April 23, 2012

Battle squad play

  So I finally joined a platoon in bf3 and have been sending and receiving friend requests and was very excited to play but when playing with them. We started playing on a hardcore server and I was immediately disappointed with the fact that I could only spawn on the squad leader. If you choose to use the battle log communication everyone has to be in you friends list so they can join a party to communicate. Even without voice communication  my self and squad mates have been successful in moving from point to point and capturing and holding flags. I would usually be the person that would setup behind cover and watch for enemy's as my squad mates would run from point to point. In doing this my squad was very successful in keeping all but two flags in our possession.
   While re capturing a flag a squad mate and my self were faced with enemy armor coming to the flag to try and stop us from taking it back. My squad mate distracted the armor by hitting it with an rpg and I snuck up and placed my c4 and destroyed the armor and the one person that was in the armor. Players on the opposite team started changing their tactics of just running and gunning when they realized that could not beat our playing style. The enemy team started playing really smart and had their LAV set up at G over looking E on karkand and were able to take back E. Even though the enemy team started using good tactics it was to far into the round and my squad was just playing to well for the other team to handle and we won by several hundred tickets.
   So my point behind this post is to show just how well tactics can work and not even heavily practiced tactics. I saved my squad mates and team mates by setting up and giving cover while they were moving in the open that most of my 30 kills of the round were defending team mates. So if you choose to use the battle log communication you have to create a party or join a party in the com center and then you can change settings near the bottom of the com center. The downside to battle log communication is that the people have to be in you friends list and I cannot just alt tab out to add someone to my list because if I do that my game starts lagging really bad and eventually crashes. So ultimately this post is supposed to tell you just how well tactics can work although not everyone wants to play this way some may but might think it wont work up against a bunch of people running around. But no matter how you play just try to have fun while playing.

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