Tuesday, April 10, 2012

   Alright today I would like to discuss some things you should remember and take with you when you are out in the woods or just on on some trails hiking or biking. Every time that I go with friends to go hiking in the woods or just out in the hills biking I am always the person that brings what we need and every time my friends are great full. When preparing for a day out you should always bring enough food for your self and others for a few days I normally pack stuff like energy bars and beef jerky. The time of the year and area you are heading into should dictate what clothing you wear out and what extra you pack. Where I live during the summer months it stays nice a cool during the nights so I generally would pack my self a water proof coat or a big water proof overcoat. In my pack I like to keep two lighters just in case I need to make fire I have a higher chance of making it as well I have some cotton that has been in my pack for over a year now that will make fire easier.
   I keep in my pack I keep some rope that is a little over 40 ft you can do many things with rope catching food, shelter, supporting a injured limb. I also keep a thermal blanket in case I ever get turned around in the woods and have to spend the night I want to make sure I can have some sort of shelter in case it rains and just for something to fill with debris to keep body heat in. I always bring my self a knife with a sharpener for many different reasons primarily for me gathering wood but other things such as digging and skinning game. There is no perfect knife for all situations so choosing what knife you want to bring along is up to you and what you are planing on using it for. Some type of first aid kit should be brought along just in case you could possible fall on something that may cut you or when ever you may break something.
    Finally water I bring as much as I can carry even if I am just planing on being out for a few hours. Water is very important and in the summer time you can go through your supply quicker than you may think. Depending on how long you are going to be out you may want to bring something to boil water in you can use your water bottle if it is suspended high enough out of the fire. Bringing some toilet paper would be beneficial unless you know what types of leafs are safe to use. Bringing along some bug spray or just having clothing barriers suck as long sleeve shirt and pants a insect head net and if you could wear some gloves. In the end bringing what you may need is up to you and what you think you may need.  There are several more things I have not discussed purely for the fact that different situations require different tools and knowledge and this post would end up being a book. I am going to be doing some camping over the summer so I plan on putting up different posts with reviews of items I take out and discussions such as items that may have been better to bring or items brought that were worse.


  1. Great info man. I've always wanted to go camping with little gear and no tents, but it's never been nice enough for that yet. I would definitely bring my friends and a lot of food. Sleeping would definitely be scary though. :o

    1. Thanks man just remember to be safe out there it never fails to surprise me how little others think is fine to take with them.