Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virtual horror

   Well I have started keeping up with the resident evil series as of late and am felling more disappointed by it lately. I honestly didn't know what to think when I read that cap com had no intention to make a return to the old school style of play. The cause behind this is profit, cap com wish to gain the cod market but while resident evil will not be returning to survival horror there is some good news. Shinji Mikami has recently announced project ZWEI which he will be the executive director and will be fully involved in the development. The genera of this game will be survival horror and Mikami states that "while big game companies make huge sales, we don't want to become a studio that loses sight of what is truly interesting or worthwhile." The one image released is nothing confirmed for in game just a tone setter. I personally cannot wait for this to be released but hope that it is not rushed in any way. I will post any updates I find as they are released.


  1. Resident Evil turning into a COD copy? No thanks, doesn't even fit into Resident Evil's theme. Although, the next RE sounds great.

    1. Yah really a big blow to me personally, just do some searches on google and you can find capcom employes talking about it.